Monday, August 5, 2013



  1. Chase.. your modeling in sculptris are very good!
    My friends (modelers) hate the sculptris and always tell me to study zbrush.
    I´ve been studying Zbrush, but man... Sculptris is much better to modeling than zbrush, more intuitive. I miss the sculptris hehe. I think I will model something in this weekend

    1. haha thanks man, I appreciate it. Yeah zbrush is great in terms of doing a quick finished looking model. However personally, I'm with you in the sense I enjoy sculptris because it basically does the dynamesh for you and allows you to think more about the big shape of the character. Yeah model something up and Id love to check it out

  2. holy crap man, this stuff is amazing! Really happy to see you continue with the sculptris sculpts, its looking awesome!!